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Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m slowing down a bit posting the podcasts since I recorded nine of them before I put them up on the blog. Now that I’m getting closer to “real time” so to speak, I’m figuring out how often I want to update. Might be fun to go three to five times a week. Anyone have an opinion, leave me a message. I’m hoping that these are useful!

Today’s podcast follows:

Epenthesis-Episode 008: Dialogue

This is Part 1 of the Dialogue Series (dun dun DUN!) and I get pretty passionate about it. I also have a nice little tangent in there about the History of Reading class I took in grad school, and how grammar came to be. I might do a video at some point about it since I would have a lot of fun with visuals!

Next episode: Dialogue Tags (Part 2)

Edit: Action Around Dialogue (Part 3)

I’m a perfectionist by nature but I also have this other side to my personality that loves to discuss, speak, and talk about all of these subjects. So because I could spend countless days (and months) constantly editing and re-doing my podcast, I decided I’m just going to put it out there.

Why a podcast? Because I like to talk, that’s why!

Podcast will be called “Epenthesis” (it’ll have it’s own category and everything on the blog) and the name is explained in the very first episode. More when I’ve got it set up!


I’ve been an outstanding note-taker since school. Don’t ask me how I got to be that way, it’s not as if I trained for it or anything. All I know is that come exam time, people started asking for my phone number and email awfully quick to get some last-minute notes.

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