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Epenthesis-Episode 011: Filling the Void

Update on this dreary, rainy Monday! Just got back from the National Publicity Summit in NYC, had a great time, but now  I’m sick so you may get to hear my sexy sick voice in the next episode. This one’s a follow up to my blog A Relationship is Like a Character where I talk about the void and character motivation. Until next time!

Personal Responsibility

Hi everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your week – lots happening here in NYC. Passing gay marriage, the gay pride parade, our magazine section finished and our projects completed, and the start of the book section.

I’m not allowed to go into what we’re learning right now in the program but something just happened that made me think of something completely different, and that is personal responsibility. The difference between being a child and being an adult is the fact that you are responsible for your own actions when you grow up. Just thought I’d say that this applies to everything, including work and writing. You must take responsibility for yourself if you hope to be successful. So if you don’t pay attention to a presentation, it is your own fault if you don’t know the subject matter. Sounds harsh but it’s a fact of life. That or just get a friend to take notes for you.

Hello everyone!

So, thank God it’s Friday, first and foremost. My program in NYC is going great but let me just say what a relief it is to have the weekend to relax a bit? I tend to carry whatever work I need to do around on my back so forcing myself away from the environment helps a lot to lift the stress from my shoulders. I went to Time Square with the roomie today, which was awesome and a little overwhelming with all of the lights and sounds and, yes, definitely the press of people all around.

And now that I’m back in the dorms and getting ready for bed, I thought it would be cool to write another blog post. So this led me to this topic that I’ve been thinking about for a while now: which is, violating your character’s worldview.

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So the first week of the New York University Summer Publishing Institute (where I got in and am working my butt off and enjoying every second of it) has just ended. It is Saturday now and my brain has been so crammed with amazing information, I’m glad for the weekend to decompress a bit.

We’ve been asked not to tweet or blog about the program, specifically what we heard, because our amazing speakers are imparting insider information into their companies: revenue, circulation, business models, and knowledge about what is going to happen in the next few months before it happens. So I won’t talk about what they’ve said in that capacity but I did think I could talk about what I’ve taken away from the experience so far.

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