Since I always write with Night_mare pretty much every night, we invariably end up talking about writing. Not just whether a scene works or not but the deeper aspects of writing: does it feel real? What is their passion? What do they want? What are they scared of? Why would someone care about this character?

So when I thought of doing some joint blogs with her where we actually publish some of our thoughts, it shouldn’t surprise me that she even had a problem with my first sample prompt.

Me: You write amazingly unique and fascinating characters. Why don’t we have our first prompt be 3 ways to make your characters unique?

Her: Well, it isn’t being unique that is really important when it comes to characters. It’s the emotional connection you create between the character and the reader.

So of course she has to outclass me even at the planning stages of a blog. But! I will not give up! I can talk about character development too so here goes. You can see her take on the subject in her blog here and follow her Twitter here.

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