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Epenthesis-Episode 007: Brainstorming

I was apprehensive about sharing details about my upcoming project but I wrote about 2,500 words last night so I’m on a good high about it. It also helped me figure out some sticky plot points by talking it out!

Episode 004: Discarding Old Tools I talk a little in the beginning about Episode 4 so here’s a quick link.

Episode 006: Plot vs. Theme I mention this one too so here’s a quick link for it.


Progress Stats:

Current Wordcount: 28,323

Goal: 70,000

Draft: First

Deadline: October 31, 2011

Epenthesis-Episode 006: Plot vs. Theme

Wherein I talk about plot, theme, and how they’re different. I also talk about time travel, Sailor Moon, and my secret new writing project that I hope to keep secret…but I reveal more about in upcoming podcast.

Epenthesis-Episode 005: Making Promises to the Reader

Epenthesis-Episode 004: Discarding Old Tools

Epenthesis-Episode 003: Daily Wordcount

Epenthesis-Episode 002: Editing Checklist

Epenthesis Podcast – Episode 001: Naming

My very first podcast! As such, it is a little sucky, but only a little bit. Hope you enjoy me talking about how I come up with names and how that effects the way your reader thinks about that character throughout your story.

When you build a character from the ground up, the name is the first piece of that character’s foundation. If not the name, the way he or she is referred to. The reader get’s a strong first impression and everything after that molds the way the reader sees that person. So make it an awesome name!

Be Careful What You Say

I have a very interesting, bizarre life. From the outside, it looks normal. But when you’re around me for a while, you notice that really weird stuff tends to happen to me. Take today for example. I had just spent most of the day yesterday cleaning my room (something that doesn’t happen often and always heralds something weird about to come up), and I had just responded to a couple of people on Facebook. I told one person that I was looking at local jobs because I had been dispirited by the lack of response to my queries to New York City. I intellectually understood why this was but I was feeling a bit down that I hadn’t heard anything back, so I was thinking about it. I was also organizing all of the business cards I’d received at the NYU job fair, so I was thinking about it twice as hard.

Then, out of nowhere, I get a call from the company I had been quietly hoping to get a response from, the HR person being the one I liked the best while there. And they tell me that they have a possible opening for me! Starting next week!

I…am so into shock, I can barely feel anything. It doesn’t feel real. It’s not a sure thing yet, but I’m hoping really hard. It sounds like they’ll take me right away so I feel almost…like I’m floating outside my body.

So keep your fingers crossed for me and always be careful what you say! Because someone is obviously listening and picks the moment you are rocking out to “Love Shack” to send you a little piece of destiny.

Remembering 9/11

I remembered very clearly being in my math classroom when we got word of the twin towers being hit. We watched it on TV. I remember that the TV had a VCR, that the seats were uncomfortable, that there was no computer in the classroom, and that I was so stunned that I thought it was a movie, and not the tall buildings I had once taken a field trip to see with my class just the year before. I remember watching the second plane hitting the tower, and I remember feeling this gripping fear choke me. This is real, I remember thinking.

The thing that scared me the most was watching the towers collapse. In my head, I imagined a stack of dominos falling down. And then I remembered that there were people inside that building, that there were people around it too. That firefighters and cops were going in there to help those people and that they had surely died. And when the rescues began, I felt sick thinking of people surviving all of that power and fire collapsing on top of them, and then staying buried underground, waiting and praying to be saved.

I won’t ever forget all of that. I felt like I was there, like I too was running from the wreckage, that I was suffering with the people who lost their family. I remember hearing about the brave passengers in the flight that went down, because the people on the plane felt that they should sacrifice their lives to make sure the terrorists couldn’t crash into another building. I send my love and respect to those they leave behind, and I hope that the lessons we learned are never forgotten.

And I remember too that I have a wonderful life to live, and the best way I can honor the memory of those people is to continue living to the fullest, to be a better person and to help the world as I can, and to always remember the blessing that is life. I will never forget that lesson.

Thank you.

I’m a perfectionist by nature but I also have this other side to my personality that loves to discuss, speak, and talk about all of these subjects. So because I could spend countless days (and months) constantly editing and re-doing my podcast, I decided I’m just going to put it out there.

Why a podcast? Because I like to talk, that’s why!

Podcast will be called “Epenthesis” (it’ll have it’s own category and everything on the blog) and the name is explained in the very first episode. More when I’ve got it set up!


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