Hello everyone! Okay, I think I’ve made you suffer enough. I already let the cat out of the bag on Twitter but I thought I should go into more detail about exactly what I’m going to be doing here, as I have more than 140-characters to work with.

I have started my own business! As of this Monday, I am the President of Millennial Voice, Inc. I have a shiny stamp and everything! Although I forgot to take it with me when I made my business account :( apparently that would have been like, the ONLY time I would get to use it. Anyway, I am President (and Secretary, and Vice President, and Janitor) of my own company. I own a small business! Woohoo!

Yes, it is very small, population ME. But, I’m already working! The whole reason I created it was because I’ve already got about three clients and they were all wondering where to send my check. Instead of doing the little girl thing and saying, “Send it to my house with my name on it!” or even worse, “Send it to my mommy’s business,” I can now say, imperiously, “Why, send it to my place of business, of course.” Very snooty, but tis good for the taxes and paperwork to have money sent to my business instead of to me sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee in my pajamas.

Okay, so I don’t work in my pajamas, I’m a little more professional then that, but the point is I started my business.  Now, what exactly do I do in my business? You have this shiny new stamp, you say, but what is it you do that you need it?

I am dedicated to helping you distill your message down to its core and helping you craft a message that will explain exactly what you do in your own business, in your own voice. I can also help you create a marketing plan for social media, tailoring it to your needs so that it will serve you in what you want. If you want to write a book, I can help you write it, from start to finish. If you want to create a blog that offers value to your clients and draw new business, I can help you plan them out, write them, and post them strategically to create a conversation. I am a mix between a marketer and creative writer, essentially helping you align your brand with what you say with what you write.

Phew! So, that’s what I do. :) It’s a lot of fun! I especially like all of the stuff I’m learning from my clients, since I have to know exactly what it is they do in order to help them craft their writing in their own voice. I could be especially helpful to speakers, as they may be great on the podium but have a lot of trouble translating what they say onto paper (or screen, in my case).

It’s still in its baby phase but I’m taking off regardless. Cool, yes? I’ll let everyone know more information as I go. As of yet, my website is not up yet but at the moment, I’m not sure if that’s every necessary. People are approaching me from every direction already!