There are a lot of blogs out there about writing – the business of writing, the craft of writing, even writing about writing. I haven’t seen too many blogs about copyediting though, which surprises me a little. I did find this awesome one called the Copy Editing Corner but it doesn’t seem to get too much traffic. There also this really awesome site I just found called Copyediting: Because Language Matters that I’m going to devour after I write this. Sadly, in my short research for this blog, I didn’t find any other blogs about editing! But why not? Editing is such an integral part of writing. Some writing blogs certainly talk about the editing process but not to my satisfaction.

I started out editing (badly, very very badly) before I started writing anything. I liked the idea of catching mistakes other (better) writers had left behind and making the work easier to read. I got better with age and practice until I was editing people’s English papers. Funny thing is, they kept getting As every time I did. Then teachers started noticing and sending me kids they thought needed the extra help. I was more than happy to help them out since some of them were my friends and others were nice enough to me outside of class. I eventually started doing it in college and even in graduate school for my Certificate in Editing and Publishing.

At this point, I think I’m a fairly good editor. I have my reference guides now (so I don’t just rely on my memory of grammar, as I did when I was eleven, stupid, and just starting out) and I take the time to reread any mistakes I think I see. I feel as if this is perhaps the most important thing about writing.

So I think I’ll make this blog a combination of writing, editing, and reading. I’ve got my book reviews to do (I’ve already read 12 books since my last review! How insane is that?) and I’ve got some material I want to go over for a later blog.